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is one of the largest auto manufacturers, much like the "Big Three" in North America which consists of Ford, Chrysler and GM; Japan has Toyota, Nissan and Honda which make up a large percent of sales in Asia and growing dominance in Canada. Nissan in the only one that doesn't have a manufacturing plant in Canada, both Toyota Canada and Honda have an assembly and manufacturing facility in Ontario, while Nissan relies on three manufacturing plants in the US with two in Tennessee and a third in Canton, Mississippi. Nissan and Ford have shared partnership with various vehicle designs starting with the Mercury Villager and the Nissan Quest minivan, Nissan also had an indirect partnership with Chrysler as a large shareholder of Renault. In the last ten years Nissan has grown its international auto market by introducing some popular designs. The Nissan VQ engine has been featured in Ward's AutoWorld in the Best 10 Engines for 14 years in a row along the sides of luxury brands like BMW, Audi and Volvo.

2011 nissan murano canadaSince the beginning Nissan has looked at ways to make comfortable and practical cars, the Nissan Sentra has been one of the longest running and best selling cars which was launched in 1982 and the sporty Nissan 370Z which is the last of the Nissan Z-car line which started in 1969 with the Nissan 240Z. While the Nissan Murano broke sales records as a crossover SUV since 2003 and was nominated as North American Truck of the Year. The Murano had such appeal that it generated its own spin-off, the Nissan Rogue in 2008 replacing the Nissan X-Trail in Canada, using a similar stylish design on a small platform and part of the compact crossover SUV, while the mini-crossover Nissan Juke another Murano lookalike arrive at Canadian dealerships in 2010 sharing the Nissan Cube and Renualt Twingo platform.

Another Nissan bestseller is the mid-sized Nissan Altima which is a smaller version of the full sized Nissan Maxima, while the Altima competes directly with the Toyota Corolla in size it has been compared with the Toyota Camry and is also available as the Altima coupe with a V6, 3.5L engine with 175HP. To compete in the truck market Nissan launched the full size pick-truck Nissan Titan with a V8 5.6L engine which it shares with the Nissan Armada, they are both assembled in Canton, Mississippi. 

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